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Of Wild Dawn Photography is based in Ottawa, Ontario specializing in family and personal branding photography. My new studio is located in the Orleans suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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The Madigan Family’s outdoor photoshoot unfolded beneath the warm embrace of the autumn sun, radiating love and joy in every frame. Despite its mini scale, the photoshoot promised a treasure trove of family memories. Their adorable dog added an extra touch of charm, becoming a furry participant in this heartwarming session. The bright sunlight complemented the family’s happiness, creating a vivid tableau of shared moments. It’s not just a collection of pictures; it’s a snapshot of a family basking in the golden glow of autumn, their bonds and happiness preserved in a series of joyful images under the radiant sun.

Madigan Family

Outdoor Family

Capturing Baby Zelda’s newborn photoshoot was a delight, filled with sweetness and the pure essence of new beginnings. The joy and excitement of the parents as they embark on the journey of parenthood were beautifully evident in every frame. The photoshoot not only documented the early moments of Baby Zelda’s life but also conveyed the anticipation and love that surrounds this growing family. Each image serves as a heartfelt memory, freezing in time the incredible emotions of new parenthood and the boundless joy that comes with watching a child grow.

Baby Zelda

Newborn Lifestyle

Baby Milo’s newborn lifestyle photoshoot was incredibly sweet. Capturing the parents welcoming their precious newborn in the comfort of their new home added an intimate touch to the session. The images reflect not just the arrival of a new family member but the anticipation and joy as they embark on the journey of watching him grow. It’s more than just photographs; it’s a documentation of the beginning of a beautiful chapter, where the love and warmth of a new family envelop the tiny, adorable presence of Baby Milo. The photoshoot preserves the early moments of a journey filled with love, growth, and countless memories.

Baby Milo

Newborn Lifestyle

The Andrews Family’s outdoor family photoshoot was nothing short of amazing. Running through the fields and enjoying the lakeside created a backdrop of joy and spontaneity. Laughter echoed as we captured candid moments of family bonding. The dynamic energy and natural beauty blended seamlessly, making the photoshoot an adventure of its own. Each frame reflects not just smiles but the genuine happiness of being together in the great outdoors. It was more than a photoshoot; it was a shared experience of fun and connection, resulting in a collection of images that tell the story of a family reveling in the simple pleasures of life.

Andrews Family

Outdoor Family

Megan and AJ’s wedding was an absolute blast! Friends and family gathered to celebrate their love, creating an atmosphere of pure joy. The venue stole the show, becoming the highlight of the day. The energy was infectious, with laughter and happiness filling the air as everyone came together to witness this beautiful celebration. The wedding wasn’t just a union of two hearts; it was a lively and memorable event that reflected the love and excitement shared by all who attended. The perfect venue added an extra layer of magic, turning the day into an unforgettable chapter in Megan and AJ’s love story.

Megan and AJ


Of Wild Dawn Photography is based in Ottawa, Ontario specializing in family and personal branding photography. My new studio is located in the Orleans suburb of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.